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Why You or Your Business Might Need Media Training

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Media training

At Intrepid TV, we don’t jealously hoard the knowledge and expertise we’ve gathered in our years as a media production company. We believe in paying it forward, which is why one of our core services is media training.

We are always happy to dip into our reservoir of experience and pass on advice to organisations requiring assistance. There are two main reasons why companies come to us for this type of help – let’s look at the rationale behind media training, and the benefits that accrue from undergoing it.

You Need to Know How to Face The Media

If you are in the public eye, or are a spokesperson for a large organisation, there may be occasions when you are required to answer questions from the media. Many people find this a daunting experience; they fear saying the wrong thing, or coming across badly, or being caught out by a cunning question from a crafty journalist.

We can allay those fears by offering practical advice about the best way to handle the media. After our media training session, you should feel confident about stepping in front of a microphone or camera, or a reporter with a notebook and tape recorder.

Among the tactics we suggest are to revise your subject thoroughly so that you are ready for any question. It’s also a good idea to have some stock answers to hand so that you can be sure of getting across the key messages you need to communicate.

We can assist the process by staging a mock interview, firing questions at you and then telling you how you can improve your answers when the real thing takes place. The overall result should be that you present a more confident and outgoing persona in front of the camera – which will benefit your reputation, or that of the organisation you represent.

You Want to Create Your Own Media Materials

Media training for defence

We are happy to run training sessions in which we pass on several valuable pieces of advice to communications teams who want to become adept at video creation.

You will learn how to use a camera to capture the footage you want. More than that, though, we’ll give you advice on how to make sure you get a steady picture, how to light your shot, and even how to make sure your audio is clean and clear.

We can also take you through the basics of editing your footage so that the content, and the message, you want to convey most strongly really lands with your audience. This is an exercise we have gone through with several clients, including the NHS. The result has been that the individuals and teams in question were much more confident in their ability to produce high-quality video materials for their own channels.

Get in Touch With Intrepid TV Today about Media Training

As you can see, there may be many reasons why you or your team might benefit from media training with Intrepid TV. However you feel we might be able to help you, we suggest you get in touch to discuss your precise requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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