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media training for defence


Our Expert Team Share Their Skills With You

You may want to create your own content to tell your organisation’s story to the outside world. Perhaps you want to improve the quality of your internal communications. Possibly you want to learn how to cope with media inquiries to your business.


You may need media training for many reasons. But in all these instances, Intrepid TV is ready to help.


We are always happy to share the expertise that we have built up in more than a decade establishing Intrepid TV as a respected end-to-end multimedia production company. 


By working with us, you’ll be more confident about the way you talk to the outside world, to your colleagues, and even to the media itself. You’ll know that you are presenting a more professional and efficient image in your dealings with all your different audiences. 


Do you want to know more? There are several reasons why you might engage Intrepid TV to help with all your media training needs. 

Broad expertise


Content produced by Intrepid TV has appeared on a wide variety of media channels across the world. We know how to produce and deliver the right media products for any context – whether it’s a brief clip for social media or a long-form documentary series. That in turn means we have relevant knowledge to share with partners who require media training.

internal communications for defence


Many organisations are so busy telling the outside world about what they do that they downplay the importance of communicating with their own teams. Internal communications, particularly in large and multi-site teams, are a valuable resource for building team spirit, loyalty and buy-in. We’ll teach you how to create excellent content for this purpose.

video techniques training for defence


One way in which we have helped many clients over the years is by educating them in the technical process of producing visual content. Our media training will teach you how to shoot outstanding videos – using cameras or your phone. We can then help you to perfect your editing skills so that you can create quality material to suit your needs.

media inquiries in defence


Being able to cope with questions from the media and deliver the message you most want to get across is a valuable skill. We can create media training materials that help your spokespeople to operate with greater confidence and authority when they are facing a barrage of questions. It’s yet another example of the way in which we share our skills and experience to benefit our clients.

"We hired Intrepid TV to run a video editing course to help advance the skills of our combat camera teams. Our guys are much more dynamic in the way they shoot and edit and the ARRC videos are getting much more attention."

media training

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