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Video production and photography


Capture the Imagery You Need to Tell Your Story

For more than a decade, Intrepid TV has been a trusted name in the world of video production


We have a proud record of delivering visual masterpieces from some of the most challenging environments in the world. 


When you engage Intrepid TV for your video production or photography requirements, you can be reassured by our superlative track record in creating top-quality content – no matter the conditions. 


In recent years, we have had a strong focus on delivering military photography and defence materials for international organisations including NATO and INTERPOL. However, the skills enshrined in our knowledgeable and dedicated team can be applied in a broad range of commercial contexts.


It’s highly likely that you’ve seen our visual work. Video content captured by Intrepid TV has appeared on media outlets across the world.  


There are several reasons why you can trust Intrepid TV to meet your video production and photography needs.

Expert team


The Intrepid TV team is packed with multimedia journalists with extensive experience in the creation of outstanding visual content. They match their creativity with ingenuity and a commitment to getting the job done. Our crews have NATO-level Security Clearance, which grants them access to a host of restricted environments that other teams cannot reach. 

drone photography


We keep abreast with the latest technological developments in video production and photography. The equipment we use is upgraded regularly to ensure we can capture, edit and deliver the images and video content using state-of-the-art kit. Our quest for technical perfection helps us to deliver a better product for you.

video production in remote places


Much of the work we have done over the last decade has been in rugged, challenging environments. We have worked in the heat of the Afghan desert, and the chilly wastes of the Arctic Circle, as well as in the air and beneath the sea. Our history of being able to deploy quickly means we are always poised and ready to swing into action. 



Clients we work for include NATO, NATO Science and Technology Organization and INTERPOL. We’ve also worked with UNESCO and the United Nations, as well as governmental organisations. Intrepid TV is trusted in the sector of defence and security and works smoothly in conditions where discretion and diplomacy are key. 

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video production and photography
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