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Communications Campaigns


Let us Use our Expertise to Deliver Your Message

If you have a story to tell, or a product to sell, you want to communicate that message as effectively and impactfully as possible to your target audience. 


At Intrepid TV, we have the expertise to create compelling communications campaigns across a host of media channels and outlets. 


We will work closely with you so that we can identify the things you want to say, and how you want to say them. Only then will we create the bespoke materials that, in tandem with a multimedia strategy, will deliver the boost you want your organisation to get. 


Our relevant expertise in content creation and delivery means we are the ideal partner for your communications campaigns. 


There are several reasons why working with Intrepid TV will create the results you want.

social media campaigns for defence


Intrepid TV is so much more than a video production company. We have extensive knowledge of the different platforms that can be used when you are planning and rolling out your communications campaigns. We know how to create maximum impact on social media, with different video styles, 2D & 3D Graphics, and written copy for printed materials.

Storytelling expertise


We understand the need to appeal to the emotions of the people who receive your communications. There is a human element at the heart of every story; we identify it and focus on it in the content we create. The result is a campaign that explains exactly why the people experiencing it will benefit from the products, services or story you want to sell them. 

visual excellence


At the heart of the Intrepid TV approach is a deep-rooted knowledge in how to create visual materials with impact and authority. Our multimedia production skills can be harnessed to great effect when communicating your organisation’s key messages, always with a view to creating the impact and the results you want.

Media strategies for defence


The extensive experience within the team at Intrepid TV can be used to excellent effect when planning your communications campaigns. We understand how the media operate and know instinctively which type of content will work most efficiently on particular channels. This knowledge leaves us ideally placed to map out the strategy that will ensure your campaign is effective.

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