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Heat, Heights and Secrecy: Some of The Challenges We Face

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Intrepid TV has been delivering outstanding visual content since we launched as a media production company in 2012. As you can see from our showreel, we’ve worked with some amazing and illustrious clients in a rich variety of locations around the world.

Sometimes, the work involved in delivering the content to our clients involves severe logistical and physical challenges. Any multimedia production company will tell you there is plenty going on behind the scenes before the finished product sees the light of day. Here we reveal some of the obstacles we have to overcome in the line of duty.

Sensitive Subject Matter

Video production in remote places

As you know, we are defence and security filming specialists. Inevitably, that means that we often come up against the need for secrecy, or discretion, around the subject matter that we film. If we are capturing members of special forces in action, for instance, we have to make absolutely sure not to offer any clues to their identity, which means careful shot selection and the need to blur faces.

Most of our crew have NATO security clearance. That allows us access to some sensitive areas for filming – but it also means that the people we are working for trust us to be discreet. We will always seek final approval from clients like that to make absolutely sure they do not feel they have been compromised in any way.

High-Speed Deployment

The nature of the material we film in the defence and the security sector means that sometimes we don’t get very much advance warning. It’s not unusual for us to receive less than 24 hours’ notice that we need to be on site to film an exercise or an operation.

That means we put a lot of work into preparation so that we can be ready to deploy at top speed. For instance, whenever our crew comes back from a shoot, they make sure that every piece of equipment that needs to be charged up gets plugged in immediately. We also have to be sure that all the gear we need works properly, so there is plenty of regular maintenance work carried out.

Physical Challenges

video production in remote places

The work we have carried out for Intrepid TV clients has taken us to various parts of the world, and exposed us to some extreme climatic conditions. We worked for some time in Afghanistan, where the heat in the southern part of the country was particularly intense. The equipment we take with us to capture pictures can be heavy, which adds to the challenge.

We were invited to film a group of military wives who were taking on the challenge of climbing the world’s highest volcano, Nevado Ojos del Salado, in Chile. The summit is nearly 7,000 metres up, and many of the group suffered from altitude sickness. Our cameraman was among them, but he still managed to keep filming – and brought back some fantastic shots from the peak.

Contact Intrepid TV to See How we can Help You

Along with the physical and logistical hurdles we face on a regular basis, at Intrepid TV we have the constant challenge of maintaining the incredibly high standards we set ourselves. We are proud of the reputation we have built as a highly respected media production company.

Whatever your requirements are, please get in touch with us today so that we can begin the conversation around how we might deliver those exceptionally high standards in the work we do for you.


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